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Martin has helped create a training course, based on his best selling book "Making Money from Property", that will put you in the best possible position to benefit from property investment. From spotting bargains and the hints and tips of buying at auction, to negotiating finance and running a successful portfolio. The market is on the move. Act now to make sure you don't miss the boat!

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Here's what other customers have said about the full workshop:

Loved the no-nonsense and clear approach of the course. Not a moment wasted. I learnt so much even though I have been property investing for 7 years. All areas were invaluable." Paula Cayless

I am fired up and I know that knowledge is power. I want to learn more and look forward to the future with renewed vigour.... on previous courses with other organisations I have felt completely out of my depth but this by far exceeds them all!" Lesley Holman

"Today I have handed my resignation in at work. Just under 13 months since attending the initial training. Both myself and Sarah are financially free, no longer in the 'Jobs' and can build on our futures all thanks to your organisation."
B Main

This Workshop is not endorsed by the BBC, but is based on Martin's experience and his best selling book
'Making Money from Property'. Due to filming commitments Martin Roberts will not attend these events.